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The Importance of Seasonal Home Maintenance

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Fall is a beautiful time of year—the colors change and the weather gets cooler. It's also a busy time of year, when kids go back to school and lives kick back into high gear after the lazy days of summer. Even with the bustle, it's essential to think about home maintenance. Your home will benefit from a few fall tasks to keep it optimized and prepped, and ready for anything.

Many homes in the nation endure weather extremes. To run efficiently, and to prevent potential costlier repairs, homeowners must perform a few tasks each season. Not only can it save a lot of money in the long run, it can prevent the discomfort of dealing with an issue when the inclement weather is happening.

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Chatanooga Fall Things to Do

Chattanooga is a beautiful city to live throughout the year, but there's just something special about the fall season. If you're considering buying a home in Chattanooga, you'll most likely want to know where to go to enjoy the best local spots to check out all of the stunning scenery.  The most vibrant colors tend to peak around mid-to-late October, and this year's display is expected to be just as gorgeous as ever. The waterways and mountainous terrain around Chattanooga, TN provide the perfect backdrop – and increase your options for how to peep the best fall foliage.

Our team at Fletcher-Bright Realty loves taking in the sights of Chattanooga, and we've put together a guide to help you find the best fall colors around the city.

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Join Chattanooga Locals for the 3 Sisters Bluegrass Festival on September 30 - October 1 

3 Sisters Bluegrass Festival

At Fletcher Bright Realty, we take our commitment to the places where we do business seriously. Sometimes, the best way to show that commitment is to have a bit of fun with our neighbors. With the leaves beginning to change and the temperatures dropping, it is once again time to enjoy the wonderful sounds of the 3 Sisters Bluegrass Music Festival. Great music, fantastic food, and a few thousand of your closest friends...What could be better?

Our team at Fletcher Bright Realty is proud to promote the 3 Sisters Bluegrass Music Festival, and we've got the inside scoop on why this year's festival is going to be the best event yet.

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