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Buying a House During the Holidays Makes Good Sense

Buy a House at the Holidays

The holiday season is typically a time for family and friends; consequently the real estate market tends to slow down. But that doesn't mean you have to put house hunting on hold. In fact, many home buyers have discovered the holidays are one of the best times to shop for a home. Our REALTORS® at Fletcher Bright Realty have created this list of five reasons why the holidays are an excellent time to make your home buying dreams come true.

  1. Less Competition – Many home buyers sit the holidays out either because they're too busy or because they assume sellers are sitting the season out too. While it's true that there tends to be less market action overall during the holidays, there are still plenty of people interested in selling their homes. Less competition for available homes means you have a better chance of landing your first choice and getting a great deal in the process.
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Lookout Mountain's Best Secret - Our Community 

Lookout Mountain

Once people visit Lookout Mountain, TN, they often never want to leave. Some say the area's allure comes from its small town, Southern charm. Others feelit is the mountain's location spread across the state lines of Tennessee and Georgia. And then, there are those who fall in love with the area because of its role in American history and the Civil War.

Located just minutes from Chattanooga, a local renaissance has paid off for this quaint community. When you combine Chattanooga's vibrant downtown and well-known waterfront area with Lookout Mountain's stunning, panoramic views and variety of outdoor adventures like rock climbing, caving and hang gliding, it's no wonder Lookout Mountain and Chattanooga have been named to Outdoor Magazine's "Best Town Ever" list.  

Homes on Lookout Mountain have become a popular choice for retirees and those interested in relocating to the Southeast.

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Put Your Home at the Top of a Buyer's List with a Great Open House

10 Tips for a Flawless Open House

Holding an open house is a great way to get your home noticed by prospective buyers.  Get ready for your open house by using these ten tips from our Realtors at Fletcher Bright Realty to make your home stand out from the competition the minute it hits the real estate market.  

  1. Remove the Mess
    Even if you cleaned and staged your home before you first listed it, if you are living there, you may need to give it a good going over before each open house. Remove any clutter and do a thorough cleaning. Scrubbing and polishing helps eliminate unwanted odors as well. Since this is the opportunity to draw people in and make an impact, don't overlook less frequently cleaned spots like the windows, walls or furniture.

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Bluff View Art District Chattanooga
The city of Chattanooga is known for its historic buildings, gorgeous natural scenery and strong commitment to the arts. It's also a great place for families and anyone who wants to feel a genuine connection with their city of residence. The Bluff View Art District is the perfect place to explore all of the things that make Chattanooga special, and have a ton of fun in the process. There are great restaurants, art galleries, unique shopping experiences and historic venues that have been delighting visitors for generations.

Our REALTORS® in Chattanooga love spending time in the Bluff View Art District, and we're excited to share the scoop on one of our city's best neighborhoods.

Dining, Unwinding & Culture in the Bluff View Art District

The Bluff View Art District got its start in the early 1990s, and has been growing ever since. Many of the businesses that shaped those early days are still pillars of the community today include the River Gallery and the beloved Bluff View Inn. Today, the district is home to a vast collection of local businesses and art spaces, along with a busy schedule of special events for the community. There are lovely Chattanooga homes for sale throughout the downtown area as well.

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