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Selling your home spring
Spring has long been known as the time that the housing market wakes up from its winter slumber and homes start to list and sell at a more rapid pace. In the weeks leading up to the spring market, people looking to sell start calling real estate agents, and listing preparations begin. There are a few essential steps before selling a home, and as spring gets closer, it is time to take each one.

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The Riverfront District is Better Than Ever

Chattanooga Riverfront

Chattanooga's Riverfront District has long been one of the city's most popular neighborhoods--and now it's better than ever thanks to a large $120 million redevelopment project. It's a place where luxury living meets Chattanooga hospitality with fantastic results. The Riverfront is home to tons of new construction and not just for homes. Many new businesses have been added to the Riverfront in recent years from shopping centers to live performance venues. The entire scene is set by the beautiful Tennessee River in the background and the historic streets of Chattanooga all around you.

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Tips for Getting to Know the People Next Door

How to Meet Your New Neighbors

Moving into a new home is exciting. However whether you're relocating across town or across the country, there comes a time when you start to wonder about your new neighbors.  Getting to know "the people next door" helps you feel more comfortable and at home in your new neighborhood--not to mention gives you the chance to create long-lasting friendship.

Rather than waiting for your neighbors to come knocking on your door, why not go to them? Here are some great ways to reach out and meet your new neighbors after you move in.  

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Living in The Center of Innovation

Downtown Chattanooga Innovation District

Centered in the heart of Downtown Chattanooga is our Innovation District.  Innovation districts are sprouting up in cities across the US--and around the globe. The purpose of innovation districts is to encourage groups of talented, driven people and firms to come together to share ideas and knowledge to spur economic growth.

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Tips for Buying a Luxury Home

Buy Luxury Home Chattanooga

Buying a luxury home means different things to different people.  Whether you're searching for a lakefront condo or a sprawling estate on several acres, it is important to understand what to expect as you search for that posh place you've been dreaming about.

Not every buyer knows exactly what they're looking for when begin their search.

That's why working with experienced, luxury market real estate pros--like our REALTORS® in Chattanooga--can help you get started. 

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