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The Riverfront District is Better Than Ever

Chattanooga Riverfront

Chattanooga's Riverfront District has long been one of the city's most popular neighborhoods--and now it's better than ever thanks to a large $120 million redevelopment project. It's a place where luxury living meets Chattanooga hospitality with fantastic results. The Riverfront is home to tons of new construction and not just for homes. Many new businesses have been added to the Riverfront in recent years from shopping centers to live performance venues. The entire scene is set by the beautiful Tennessee River in the background and the historic streets of Chattanooga all around you.

Enjoying the Good Life in the Riverfront District

No matter where you happen to be within the city at a given moment, the Riverfront is rarely hard to find. The Tennessee River winds its way around the city and the Riverfront District rests on its banks. It's a popular place for visitors to the city and an even better place to call your home full-time.

  • Waterfront Living – The Tennessee River is large, vibrant and full of life--kind of like the Riverfront District itself. Living in the Riverfront gives you access to gorgeous views of the water and of the spectacular sunsets. The best Chattanooga neighborhoods mix urban aesthetics with beautiful natural scenery.
  • Chattanooga Cuisine – Chattanooga may be most famous for its music scene, but this is also a city that knows plenty about delicious dining. The Riverfront District features a diverse collection of dining options--from fabulous comfort food to exotic gourmet dining. There's nothing like enjoying a great meal with the city and the river as your scenery.
  • Live Music – A love of music is part of the fabric of Chattanooga and you'll see why as soon as you spend some time in the Riverfront District. The Riverfront Nights Summer Music Series runs all summer long with free concerts for the community every Saturday. Live music is also a common sight around the many bars, restaurants and performance venues of the Riverfront District. Some of the city's best venues are located in reclaimed historic buildings where the walls tell as many stories as the musicians on stage.
  • Sensational Shopping – You can shop 'til you drop in the Riverfront District and there will still always be something new waiting for you to explore tomorrow. The aquarium area is a popular stop for shoppers and is also home to some of the best restaurants in the district. Zoom out to include all downtown Chattanooga neighborhoods and you'll quickly see why you'll never run out of new shops to explore in the city.
  • Luxury Real Estate – The Riverfront District doesn't exclusively feature luxury real estate, but it's definitely home to some of the most attractive high-end properties in the city. One of the nice things about living in Chattanooga is that even new construction is often built to reflect the city's unique history and culture. Mix in all of the luxurious amenities close to home in the district and it's easy to see why people are flocking to the Riverfront.

Ready to join the crowd and experience life in Chattanooga's bustling Riverfront District for yourself? It's a fun, fascinating place to call home and the future is even brighter with all of the recent investments made in the District. Contact Fletcher Bright Realty to find homes for sale in Chattanooga and the Riverfront District.

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