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Take a Summertime Cruise on Chattanooga's Southern Belle

Chattanooga's Southern Belle Riverboat

As summer arrives in Chattanooga, residents of all ages and backgrounds are flocking to bodies of water for seasonal fun. One of our favorite summer pastimes takes place on the Tennessee River too, but it won't get you wet. Instead, it will transport you back in time to the 1800's, when southerners dined, danced, and took in the views aboard elegant, multi-story riverboats. The Southern Belle Riverboat, our #1 pick for summer date nights, is one of the best ways to see Chattanooga and the scenic river that winds through it.

Southern Belle Riverboat

Relive History Aboard the Southern Belle

Chattanooga is a vibrant Southern city that has fully embraced the 21st century, with towering city buildings downtown and innovative technologies and job opportunities throughout our beautiful hometown. However, that doesn't mean we've left our Southern history behind. The Southern Belle Riverboat has been sailing down the Tennessee River since 1985, and it's a grand recreation of 19th century riverboats that brought glamorous Chattanooga residents up and down the gorge. Every cruise is narrated by a clever and entertaining historian, who gives fascinating details about our local mountains, forests, wildlife, and city blocks as the Riverboat glides past.

Enjoy a Satisfying Meal on a Lunch or Dinner Cruise

Whether you're planning a fun day out or a romantic date night, consider dining on the Southern Belle instead of eating on land like usual. Both lunch cruises and dinner cruises leave every day of the week, giving you plenty of flexibility to plan your perfect dining experience. Each two-hour dining cruise includes a delicious full-course meal, a pilot house tour from the captain, and live entertainment from a band (as if the passing scenery isn't entertaining enough). Your city views from the dining room are one-of-a-kind, and onboard servers go out of their way to make your meal special.

Take in the Tennessee River Gorge on a Sightseeing or Sunset Cruise

The Southern Belle hosts two sightseeing cruises every day, including an afternoon tour of the Tennessee River Gorge and an evening cruise that happens during sunset. Natural and man-made attractions are the stars of our sightseeing tours, which take you from the foot of Lookout Mountain and around Moccasin Bend back to downtown Chattanooga. See if you can spot bald eagles, blue herons, or sunning turtles during your scenic cruise. Of course, you don't have to make a dining room reservation to enjoy a meal aboard the Southern Belle. During your sightseeing cruise, hit the Burger Bar on the riverboat's third deck for a delicious burger and a beverage from the bar.

Move to Chattanooga for More Southern Adventures

Riverboat cruises are excellent summertime activities, especially if you climb aboard during the Riverbend Festival, but this season isn't your only opportunity to dine and unwind on the Southern Belle. It's actually a year-round attraction, so people with homes in Chattanooga celebrate a variety of holidays and seasonal changes aboard this historic treasure. The Southern Belle has special voyages on holidays like Valentine's Day and Easter, for example, and you can also get unparalleled views of the changing leaves along the river during Fall Color cruises.

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