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10 Home Security Tips to Say Bon Voyage With Confidence

Home Security Vacation

Whether you're cruising the Caribbean or snapping selfies in Miami Beach, you can't enjoy the moment if you're worried about someone breaking into your Chattanooga home. The U.S. Department of Justice reports the summer months are a peak season for household property crimes. While you're away from home enjoying a vacation, you don't want to worry about what is happening at home. Here are 10 tips from our real estate agents to protect your home while on vacation.

  1. Hush! Don't tell anyone!
    Don't gab about your plans. Don't record a "we're on vacation" voicemail message or post it on social media. Criminals use phone numbers, photo location tags and other personal information to find your home when they know you're away. 

  2. Notify the police
    Ask the local police department to include your home in their rounds while you're on vacation. 

  3. Rethink your alarm system 
    Internet-based alarm systems offer added security. They summon the police and give you a real-time home video feed. Security sensors notify you via your phone app when someone approaches your residence. Audio/video components let you communicate with visitors. 

  4. Check your locks 
    Burglars enter homes via unsecured windows and doors. If you need stronger locks, schedule a locksmith and get it done early. Secure patio doors with a metal bar in the track.
  5. Put deliveries on hold 
    A pile of mail and packages on your porch is reliable evidence that you're away. Be sure to give USPS, newspapers, and delivery services adequate stop/start notice so they'll have time to notify the delivery person. 

  6. Keep your landscape tidy 
    Wild grass and overgrown foliage tell intruders you've been gone for a while. They also provide cover for criminal activity. Schedule a lawn service or hire a neighborhood teen to care for your yard while you're away. 

  7. Light up the night 
    Burglars don't like outdoor lighting. It makes your home and potential intruders visible to passersby. Install motion activated landscape lighting or add a timer to turn inside and outside lights on and off on your normal schedule. 

  8. Recruit a trusted neighbor 
    Ask a neighbor you trust to pick up any mail, fliers, and packages at your door. Also, ask them to do quickie property walkarounds to spot any areas of concern. Give your neighbor your alarm codes and an emergency contact number, just in case. 

  9. Leave your home with a normal feel 
    If burglars notice your blinds or curtains are open when they're usually closed or lights remaining on all day, they'll realize that you're not at home. 

  10. Turn off your garage opener 
    A savvy thief will use a universal garage remote to enter through your garage. Disconnect the power to eliminate the temptation. Also, add a secure lock to the home entryway door from the garage.

After you complete the items on your home safety to-do list, you'll feel confident that your home is secure while you're away. If you have additional questions or concerns about home safety, contact Fletcher Bright Realty.

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