Email Post to a Friend: Secrets to Navigating Your New Neighborhood

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Congratulations! You found a home in Chattanooga, and you're finally moved in and ready to get settled. But before you spend a solid month unpacking and exploring your new home, make sure you're getting outside and getting involved too. Your new house won't feel like home until your neighborhood feels familiar and accessible, so it's important to spend some time learning how to navigate and fit into your new community. Here are a few simple ways to speed up the process and turn your neighborhood into a familiar place.

Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself to the neighbors with small gifts.

This simple task isn't always easy for stressed or socially anxious homeowners, but it's one of the most important steps you can take as a brand new resident. Amid all your unpacking, errand-running, and cleaning, carve out some time on a weekday evening or weekend afternoon to knock on doors and introduce yourself. Bring a small gift, such as a candle, a jar of jelly from your old hometown, or a homemade dessert, and a contact card that contains all your important information. After your real estate team, your neighbors are probably your best guide to Chattanooga fun, so ask for recommendations if you need a way to break the ice.

Throw a potluck housewarming party. 

Host a small party during your first month in town, and invite friends and family along with all the neighbors on your street. This is a great way to establish new connections and show off your Chattanooga home, and no one will expect you to be completely settled and furnished yet. You're still settling in, so just make it a potluck instead of pressuring yourself to feed the block. Food brings people together, and potlucks give your new neighbors a way to engage and participate in your warm welcome. Your first party will also ensure that important friends and family know exactly where you live, keeping your "old life" connected to your new one.

Become a volunteer.

The best way to feel like a real member of your new community? Simple: get involved in your new community. Research local volunteer opportunities, from Neighborhood Watch programs and homeowners committees to local animal shelters, libraries, and schools that need extra hands. Giving your time and energy to deserving causes will lift your spirits if you're feeling homesick or lonely, but it may also introduce you to new friends in the area. When you meet someone at a meeting or during a volunteer stint, you already have at least one interest in common with them.

Map Out Routes

Map out routes that include local hot spots, and be a tourist.

When you sell a house, you also leave behind the grocery store, post office, schools, parks, banks, theaters, and other places that were a part of your daily routine. To settle into your new routine as soon as possible, use Google Maps or Waze to map out a route that includes the nearest stores, vet offices, gas stations schools, parks, banks, restaurants, and any other place you hope to frequent. Take a self-guided tour to see where everything is.

At Fletcher Bright Realty, we're proud to live and work in a welcoming, fun city that attracts new residents every single season. Many of our homes in Chattanooga are nestled in family-friendly neighborhoods that will feel like home in no time, especially if you learn how to navigate them like a local. Our real estate agents are ready to help you do just that, so contact us today to find a REALTOR® who is right for your needs here in Chattanooga.

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