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Chatanooga Neighborhoods
Have you been thinking about buying a home in Chattanooga? Anyone relocating here should take time to find out about our many wonderful neighborhoods.

Chattanooga is full of interesting sights – from the world's longest pedestrian bridge to the nation's largest military park – and it can take time to uncover all that it has to offer. With this peek into three of the most sought-after Chattanooga neighborhoods, you'll have a head start.  Let's take a look at Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain, and Riverview. 

Chattanooga Neighborhoods

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Fixer Upper in chattanooga

If you've been exploring homes in Chattanooga, you've noticed there are a variety of options available. Some are brand new and others are newly renovated.

Then there's the other popular category: The fixer-upper.

What is a fixer-upper? Simply, it's a home that needs work, time, and investment--not to mention a little love--to reach its full potential. Most fixer-uppers aren't in terrible shape: For example, the roof and foundations are usually sound.

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Why Getting Pre-approved for a Mortgage Matters

Why Pre-Approval is Important
Buying a home means facing a list of unavoidable tasks like inspections, closing procedures, packing and, unless you're one of the very few who have enough money to purchase a home with cash, getting a mortgage approved. Our agents at Fletcher Bright Realty explain why you may be asked if you've completed one of these tasks ahead of time, by getting your mortgage pre-approved.

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Moving on a Budget
Moving can be stressful and expensive--especially if you're making a big move across the country. If you're relocating to Chattanooga, these money-saving tips from our experienced real estate agents can help you. 

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Where Arts and Community Come Together

High above the historic streets of Chattanooga, you'll find Signal Mountain--a community loaded with culture, outdoor fun, and stunning views of the scenery below. 

Signal Mountain Arts Community Center
Throughout the year, Signal Mountain residents enjoy visiting Mountain Arts Community Center, founded in 1999 at the former Signal Mountain Elementary School. Today, MACC is a hub of the community, where residents can go to enjoy fun classes, special events, and activities geared toward every age-group.

Signal Mountain Arts Community Center Class

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