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Wow Home Buyers with These 10 Tips

Chattanooga Home Selling Tips

Selling a house can be a stressful proposition. There's a lot you need to do, and it gets even more complicated if you have a tight deadline. Luckily, there are always motivated buyers to be found in the Chattanooga area. You just need to wow them!

Use these tips to get a good start selling your Chattanooga home:

  1. Price to Sell
    Pricing is one of the biggest challenges: You don't want to undersell, but you need to stand out. Luckily, there's a rule of thumb: Find out your home's fair value, then shave off about 15%. Most of the time, bidders will arrive in droves and drive the price far above the market value.

  2. Make Closets Work for Your Buyers
    Everybody loves storage space, and there never seems to be enough of it. To impress would-be buyers, clean out your closets--reducing the items inside by about half. This will make them feel like they'll have room to spare after they move in. It's simple and it works!

  3. Brighten Things Up
    When it comes to making a room look lively, lighting is one of the most important factors. By replacing your current light bulbs with a 50% brighter variety, you'll make your home look inviting and spacious. Be sure to make good use of natural light, too.

  4. Steam Clean – Especially if Pets Are Around
    It's a nightmare when you have would-be buyers in your home only to learn, too late, they're allergic to the family pet. It's a good idea to steam clean your carpets and clean ceiling fans to reduce pet dander. During open houses, stash the pet food and kitty litter somewhere discreet.

  5. Take Care of Some Quick Fixes
    It might be tempting if you have the budget, but sale time isn't the best time to embark on a huge home renovation. Instead, focus on a handful of things that make the biggest impression. Start with painting, inside and out. Replace door handles and other fixtures and resolve nuisance leaks.

  6. Work on the Kitchen
    If you're going to invest in one area of your home before the sale, the kitchen is it. A few quick kitchen projects can add $10,000 to your selling price and will get more buyers to look twice. Consider replacing kitchen counters and buy at least one modern appliance.

  7. Do Some Landscaping
    Curb appeal is a crucial asset whether you're buying or selling. People start to form their first impression as they head up to the door, so lawn maintenance counts. You can't miss with a manicured lawn but think about going a step further with neat shrubs and colorful flowers.

  8. Downsize With a Storage Unit
    If you have enough time, consider getting a storage unit and starting to move things into it. The less "stuff" you have, the more space a home seems to offer. Prospective buyers can imagine their new lives there and you can get a leg up on your eventual move.

  9. Stage and Photograph Your Home
    Professional home staging and photographing is a sound investment that can cut months off the time it takes to sell your home. Any photos are better than none, but experts have the know-how and professional equipment to bring out a house's charm.

  10. Bring in the Right Real Estate Agent
    With any Chattanooga homes for sale, the right real estate agent is your best ally. At Fletcher Bright Realty, our REALTORS® are experienced industry leaders who'll help you meet your sales goals. Contact us to sell your Chattanooga home.