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Chattanooga Riverbend Festival 2018
Chattanooga homes for sale
are some of the most attractive in the region. Not only do buyers have all kinds of great opportunities in the local housing market, they can also enjoy the fact that Chattanooga is an outstanding center of music, art, and culture.

As one of the biggest cities in Tennessee, it's no surprise that Chattanooga has produced – and been visited by – some of the top stars in genres like country western and bluegrass. In fact, it is #4 by population behind only Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville.

Plenty of big names have gotten their start in Chattanooga before taking their act national on the big stages in Nashville. One of the reasons this happens so frequently is thanks to Chattanooga's culture of music festivals. Open-air musical performances are always happening somewhere!

The Riverbend Festival is one of the best musical festivals in the country.

It's held in Chattanooga every year, and it's coming this June 8.

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Don't Overpay For First Home
Chattanooga homes for sale
provide huge opportunities for first-time buyers in today's upbeat housing market. At Fletcher Bright Realty, our REALTORS® have enjoyed helping a diverse array of people achieve their dreams of homeownership.

The strong housing outlook has seen to it that a home is once again the best investment you can make. There are many opportunities for first-time buyers to secure the mortgage financing they need, including government-backed programs with attractive rates.

Even with all that in mind, however, it's important not to overspend on a first home.

A savvy first-time buyer must carefully balance the need to move forward quickly with the need to get all the facts and make an informed decision. That's especially true when you consider:

  • Your first home is special, but it isn't always the one you'll stick with forever.
  • Your housing costs (and related budget) affect your long-term financial picture.

So, how can you avoid overpaying for your first home?

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A Chattanooga Treat Your Family Just Can't Beat

Chattanooga - Clumpies

You're in good hands with Fletcher Bright Realty while discovering Chattanooga homes for sale, so you can put your mind at ease and enjoy the many sights and delights of the area. Why not enjoy a mouthwatering treat at one of Chattanooga's favorite spots? There's always something fresh and tasty waiting for you at Clumpies Ice Cream Co.! Our real estate agents know all of the best places in Chattanooga--homes and ice cream spots included--Clumpies is a local favorite.

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Chattanooga Family Fun: A Little Horsin' Around at Coolidge Park 

Coolidge Park Carousel

Looking for a fun and refreshing way to spend the day in the Chattanooga area? Take a break while checking out Chattanooga homes for sale, and come discover all that Coolidge Park has to offer, including a wonderfully restored, antique carousel to be enjoyed by kids and those who are kids at heart. Our REALTORS® live and work in Chattanooga and are the area experts when it comes to everything that makes living in Chattanooga special.  The antique carousel in Coolidge Park tops our list.

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