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What to Leave When You Sell Your Home
There are lots of important decisions to be made when selling your home.

Our REALTORS® can help you with almost all of them, but some come down to your tastes and goals. For example: What should you leave behind and what should you take along when you move?

The less you drag along, the more convenient moving is. On the other hand, buyers don't necessarily expect you to leave much, but some things are traditionally left behind as a courtesy.

Let's look at the unwritten rules.

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Selling Your Home Pre-inspecton Benefits

Chattanooga homes for sale can go fast. It's tempting to get your listing out there as soon as you can so you can enjoy the benefits of these great market conditions. 

Many sellers have very specific timeframes and are strongly motivated to move forward. Still, it's crucial to protect your interests at every step in the process.

A pre-listing inspection is one optional step that really pays off. It will help you avoid oversights that can lead to pricey problems down the road or even derail a sale.

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Chattanooga Summer Camps for Kids
Many families take summer camps and other after-school activities into account when looking at Chattanooga homes for sale. The local area is home to some of Tennessee's most highly regarded schools – but even the best students can't spend all their time in class.

When warm weather rolls around and it's time to break free for a while, a summer camp is a wonderful decision. Kids get the chance to meet new friends, learn useful skills, and develop their appreciation for the great outdoors.

Let's shed some light on the subject with some of the best summer camps in Chattanooga:

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Chattanooga TN Fixer-Upper

Chattanooga homes for sale come in all shapes and sizes, and Our REALTORS® are happy to introduce you. From stately Tudor homes to modern marvels, Tennessee's fourth-largest city has them all. That includes diamonds in the rough: The fixer-uppers.

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