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Hunter Museum - Museums Boost Real Estate
Whether you're buying or selling a home, the neighborhood where that home is located should always be one of the most important considerations. A strong school district, attractions, parks, shopping, and employment options nearby can all make a neighborhood a more desirable place to call home. When a neighborhood becomes more attractive to a wide range of potential residents, real estate values in the area tend to go up. Museums, in particular, can help add significant value to nearby properties, and the Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga is a great example of the concept in action. Our REALTORS® have more on how museums add value to neighborhoods, and what you can expect at Chattanooga's Hunter Museum.

How Popular Museums Bring Added Value to Nearby Real Estate

When the world-famous Guggenheim Museum opened in Bilbao, Spain in 1997, the city was well-known, but not yet an iconic international destination for the arts. The museum quickly changed that, turning Bilbao into one of the hottest arts and culture destinations in the world, which lead to a massive increase in real estate values. This effect can be seen to varying extents whenever a popular museum opens, proving that museums can add value to a neighborhood in a variety of different ways.

An economy often grows up to support popular museums, leading to the development of arts districts, with residential areas, trendy restaurants, art galleries, and small businesses catering to those interested in the arts. The Hunter Museum of American Art, located in Chattanooga's Bluff View Art District, is another shining example what can happen when a world-class museum moves to the neighborhood, leading to a rise in the value of Chattanooga homes for sale, new residents moving to the city, and new opportunities for local small businesses.

Learn More about Chattanooga's Hunter Museum of American Art

Website: The Hunter Museum of American Art
10 Bluff View Chattanooga, TN 37403

The Hunter Museum opened as a gallery in 1952, becoming Chattanooga's first art museum, and has seen a number of major expansions in the decades since. The most recent expansion, which was completed in 2005, turned the Hunter Museum into the world-class arts and culture destination that we enjoy today. Exhibits in the museum cover the history of American art from the Colonial period to the present day, featuring work from many of the country's most famous artists.

When you arrive at the Hunter Museum of American Art, you'll be greeted by views of the Tennessee River and the mountains beyond. The goal of the Hunter Museum is to inspire everyone who visits, and that inspiration starts with the natural beauty that surrounds Chattanooga. Once inside, you'll have the opportunity to explore the museum's vast collection of American art and see the history of the country through a new lens.

The Hunter Museum works hard to provide a family-friendly atmosphere, where people of all ages can experience the unique history of American art in its many forms. There are many different types of art on display, including paintings, sculpture, photographs, decorative arts, and mixed media. Every piece of art has a story, and the staff at the Hunter Museum strives to help everyone experiences those stories in their own way.

Whether you're shopping for homes in the Bluff View Arts District or anywhere in the city, Chattanooga is sure to have a neighborhood that's just right for you. Contact us at Fletcher Bright Realty to buy and sell homes throughout the Chattanooga, TN area.