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Chattanooga Whiskey Thief
If you are shopping Chattanooga homes for sale with the intention of becoming a new resident of our vibrant city, getting a feel for the local nightlife is likely to be on your priority list. If so, The Whiskey Thief is a great place to start. Located in Downtown Chattanooga, this elegant and lively area hot spot is the Edwin Hotel's rooftop bar and offers a taste of city nightlife that you won't soon forget.

About The Whiskey Thief at the Edwin

Here's a little bit on the home of the Whiskey Thief; The Edwin Hotel. The Edwin is Chattanooga's newest boutique hotel, tastefully opulent and, as its manager says, "quintessentially Chattanooga, created by and for Chattanoogans." This lovely hotel is very focused on showcasing the culture of the local area, its walls lined with the work of local artists and its kitchens filled with foods from local farmers. Local coffee roasters provide their wares to The Edwin, and they serve craft beers and whiskey from local producers.

Topping off this stylish Chattanooga hotel is their rooftop bar, named the Whiskey Thief in honor of a traditional tool of the same name. A whiskey thief is an iconic tool long used by Tennessee master distillers to "steal" a small amount of a batch of whiskey right from the barrel to be sampled. The name is meant to convey the goal of this establishment, which is to celebrate the heritage of Chattanooga and Tennessee via the artful delivery of whiskey, its signature spirit.

The Whiskey Thief Experience

A visit to the Whiskey Thief offers a unique experience that makes it easy to understand why this establishment is fast becoming one of the city's most popular spots.

The Whiskey Thief experience begins with its stunning views. From its rooftop location, patrons are treated to sweeping views of the Tennessee River, the Appalachian Mountains, the Cumberland Plateau, and Chattanooga's iconic Walnut Street Bridge.

Against this backdrop, patrons can enjoy an array of craft cocktails, made with local and seasonal ingredients. These are prepared under the direction of lead bartender Matthew Lawson, a Chattanooga native who is known as one of the best mixologists in the Southeast.

Patrons are also treated to an array of elevated bar snacks. Menu items are traditional bar fare, made from local ingredients, given a new twist at the hands of the Edwin's 5-star chef, Kevin Korman, who holds the distinction of being one of the very few certified master chefs in the United States.

Our REALTORS® possess a wealth of information about our city and are always happy to help potential new residents learn why Chattanooga is a wonderful place to live.  Contact us when you're ready to make Chattanooga your home.