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Sell Your Home in the Winter

Our real estate agents have experience helping sellers during every season in Chattanooga. Sure, the market slows down a bit when the temperature drops, but that doesn't mean you can't sell your home! Our team compiled the following pointers on how to sell your home during the chilly winter months.

  • Spruce up Your Landscaping
    You won't be able to have the beauty and impact of spring flowers, but there are still things you can do to spruce up your landscaping. Keep bushes neatly trimmed, edge your garden beds, and make sure your flower beds have fresh mulch. You can also add some color to your winter home by putting some evergreens in pots on your porch.

  • Make Your Home Warm and Cozy
    During cold weather, you may be tempted to save some money by not running your heater. But the last thing you want to create is an atmosphere in which uncomfortable prospective buyers are eager to leave your home. Instead, make sure your home is warm and cozy, so buyers are comfortable and assured that your heater – a high-cost item – is in working order.

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Chocolate Cake in Chattanooga

Are you ready to enjoy the sweetest holiday of the year? Every year on January 27, cake lovers around the country celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day, and there are a ton of great local bakeries around Chattanooga where you can find the perfect treat for this special day.

Whether you're looking for a classic recipe or something you've never tried before, Chattanooga has a bakery that's sure to satisfy your craving. Our real estate agents have all the delicious details on where to celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day in Chattanooga this year.

  • Chatta-Cakes Bakery – 5143 Hixson Pike, Hixson, TN 37343
    Searching for something sweet close to Hixson homes for sale? Head to Chatta-Cakes Bakery, where you can pick up a custom cake or grab one of the many delicious items on the daily menu. The menu features full-size chocolate cakes, along with mini-cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and chocolate-covered confections, all prepared by hand.

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Staging Your Home

Kids can add a hurdle to your home staging and selling goals. They naturally want to play with their toys and can easily make a mess, so you may struggle to keep your home ready to show to prospective buyers at a moment's notice. 

Our real estate agents suggest the following tips for staging and selling your home when you have kids.

  1. Depersonalize
    You'll want prospective buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in your home, but that may not be possible if your kids' photos, drawings, and school papers are displayed throughout the house. Put the majority of these items away so that a buyer – especially one who doesn't have kids – can picture your home as their own.

  2. Prioritize Your Kids' Toys
    If your kids have every toy they own available to them, you'll fight a daily battle to have them put away. Go through their collection and throw out the ones that are broken and donate toys that they've outgrown. Take out just a few favorite toys for your kids to play with and put away the rest. If you need to, rotate them occasionally, but don't have too many out at once.

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Hobbies in Chattanooga

2020 is finally here, and our real estate agents encourage you to make a resolution to get engaged with a new hobby. From art and dance lessons to health and wellness classes, here are five hobbies to try out in Chattanooga that'll keep you busy all year long!

  1. Art Creations — 201 Frasier Ave., Chattanooga, TN 37405
    Unleash your creative side at Art Creations. They've got all of the arts and graphic supplies you need to create and frame your work. If you'd like to hone your skill or learn new techniques, sign up for their art classes or workshops throughout the year. Get your kids involved in one of Art Creations' summer camps or grab your friends for a private paint party!

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