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Working From Home Chattanooga

Whether you are a seasoned telecommuter or recently mandated to work from home, staying productive is essential. Every day, you may find a blurred line between your work commitments and your personal life. Managing a balance between the two is critical to achieving your goals. While everyone has a different approach to working at home, our agents have found the following tips are effective in helping you stay productive while working from home.

  1. Create a Work Space 
    Convert an extra room into a home office. If you are preparing to expand your living space, check out the wide variety of Chattanooga homes for sale with a spare bedroom to transform into a home office. Set up a desk and make a functioning office space. When your space is limited, try to use a small computer desk or a folding table in a corner for a workspace. Do not forget when setting up your office or work area to purchase a comfortable chair. Designating a space for your work helps you stay focused and productive.  
  2. Desk Supplies 
    Compile a list of needed items to do your daily work effectively. Depending on the type of work, you may need pens, highlighters, paperclips, stapler, desk trays, printer paper, file folders, and a filing cabinet. When you purchase the necessities, you can stay focused on your workload.   
  3. Use Visual Aids
    Invest in erase boards, cork boards, or even an old fashion chalkboard to display your weekly and monthly schedule. Hanging visual aids by your work area will help you to stay focused on your daily tasks. Color coding your work deadlines and your family commitments help meet daily obligations. Another helpful visual aid is a list of to-do items. To help you stay focused, before bed or early morning, make a list of the tasks to accomplish.
  4. Set Work Hours
    Dedicate several hours to work each day. When working from home, remember the hours can easily change. By setting aside time, you are committing to stay productive while working from home. If you have young children, you will have to work around their needs. Your work schedule does not need to match your regular company hours. Just set a block of time aside for work.  
  5. Take Routine Breaks
    Break for lunch or a snack. Step away from your computer to refresh yourself. When you sit in the same position for extended periods, you are putting a strain on your lower back, which could lead to health issues. Even if you are only refilling your coffee cup, get up and move around.
  6. Keep the Door Closed 
    If possible, close the door to your home office to avoid interruptions. You may need to work around your spouse's schedule to watch your children. Focusing on your work without interruptions helps to stay productive.
  7. Turn Off Other Devices 
    Your cell phone, home phone, or tablet are a distraction. Unless you use the device in business, set the ringer to vibrate or silent.

With a little planning, the right setting, and organization, you can stay productive while working from home. If you are in the market to purchase a new home with extra rooms to accommodate a home office, contact us. Our real estate agents will commit to finding you the perfect match.