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Fall Decorations

Autumn is arriving in the Appalachian region and Chattanooga is ready to embrace the changing colors. If you love the fall season as much as our REALTORS® then you're surely planning on decking out your porch with a variety of decorations. The fall season is one of the most wonderful times of the year to get creative and make the entrance to your home extra special. Use one of these five unique themes to create a picture-perfect porch this fall!

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Home Inspection

No matter how carefully you examine a home during an open house or private viewing, there will be aspects of a home that a professional home inspector will be needed to identify. While a home inspection isn't always mandatory, getting a home professionally inspected will help you determine whether the house you have your eye on is truly ready for you to move in. 

Home inspectors must be licensed in Tennessee and in many other states. It takes specialized training to identify various home building materials, learn current building codes, and spot specific signs of damage or deterioration. Our real estate agents want you to know what to expect when home inspectors are looking at Chattanooga homes for sale

A Look Around 

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Chattanooga Fall Colors

Overlooking the banks of the Tennessee River, Chattanooga is nestled in the spot where the Appalachian Mountains meet the Cumberland Plateau. It's surrounded by some of America's most spectacular scenery, and autumn just might be the season when Chattanooga looks its best.

For anyone with an eye for natural beauty, Chattanooga is a great place to call home. Our real estate agents are excited to share some of our favorite spots for fall foliage around the Chattanooga area! 

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Before House Hunting

House hunting is an exciting but stressful exercise. You're looking for a home you'll fall in love with, but also one that comes closest to your needs, in terms of location, size, and cost. Along with the excitement come concerns about going over budget and other pitfalls. 

As you search for Chattanooga homes for sale, you need a strategy. To get you started, here are several things you should do before you get serious about house hunting.

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