Chattanooga Neighborhoods

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Chatanooga Neighborhoods
Have you been thinking about buying a home in Chattanooga? Anyone relocating here should take time to find out about our many wonderful neighborhoods.

Chattanooga is full of interesting sights – from the world's longest pedestrian bridge to the nation's largest military park – and it can take time to uncover all that it has to offer. With this peek into three of the most sought-after Chattanooga neighborhoods, you'll have a head start.  Let's take a look at Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain, and Riverview. 

Chattanooga Neighborhoods

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Best of Chattanooga's 'Burbs

Best Chattanooga Suburbs to Buy a Home
When you're shopping for homes in the Chattanooga,, you'll quickly learn the names of popular neighborhoods in the city like the Riverfront, MLK District, and the City Center. But did you know that Chattanooga is also surrounded by a collection of unique, inviting suburbs? The suburbs around Chattanooga offer everything from mountaintop living to simple, safe family fun at lower elevations. Our Chattanooga REALTORS® are here to help you get better acquainted with five fantastic suburbs located close to everything that the city has to offer.

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Buying a Home in Chattanooga's MLK District

Chattanooga's MLK District

One of the best things about buying a house in Chattanooga, TN is that each neighborhood has its own personality and feel. The city is still very connected, but every neighborhood is its own unique experience. The MLK District is one of Chattanooga's most well-established neighborhoods and is a very popular home for young professionals, families, and students of the city's excellent universities. Historic homes line the streets of Chattanooga's MLK District, and there is something interesting to do waiting around every corner of the neighborhood.

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Southside's Revitalization Tells a New Story

The Southside District Chattanooga

As you walk through the streets of our downtown, most native Chattanoogans can tell you stories about the city and its many neighborhoods.  From the Bluff View Art District to Northshore and City Center, each has its own Cinderella story.  Chattanooga's Southside District is no different. 

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The Riverfront District is Better Than Ever

Chattanooga Riverfront

Chattanooga's Riverfront District has long been one of the city's most popular neighborhoods--and now it's better than ever thanks to a large $120 million redevelopment project. It's a place where luxury living meets Chattanooga hospitality with fantastic results. The Riverfront is home to tons of new construction and not just for homes. Many new businesses have been added to the Riverfront in recent years from shopping centers to live performance venues. The entire scene is set by the beautiful Tennessee River in the background and the historic streets of Chattanooga all around you.

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Living in The Center of Innovation

Downtown Chattanooga Innovation District

Centered in the heart of Downtown Chattanooga is our Innovation District.  Innovation districts are sprouting up in cities across the US--and around the globe. The purpose of innovation districts is to encourage groups of talented, driven people and firms to come together to share ideas and knowledge to spur economic growth.

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Being a Part of Our Downtown Community

Chattanooga Market City Center

If you're searching for a home in a popular Chattanooga neighborhood--close to all of the action--just head for the center of town. The City Center in downtown Chattanooga is simply the place to be if you want the best of the city just outside your front door. It's a place where art, music, dining, shopping and unforgettable nights on the town are always on the menu. Safe to say, we've got plenty to cover about life in Chattanooga's City Center District and our real estate agents from Fletcher Bright Realty are certainly up for the task.

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Where Hip Meets Historical

Northshore District Chattanooga

Downtown Chattanooga is made up of six distinct districts:  Bluff View, City Center, MLK, Innovation District, Riverfront, Southside and Northshore--each possessing its own unique vibe and culture.

The Northshore District's tagline, "Where Hip Meets Historical" accurately describes this area's personality: An eclectic mix of classic, historic charm and hip modernity.  Four bridges connect downtown and the north bank of the Tennessee River. Cross any of them and you'll be in Northshore where you'll find the best of local shopping, dining and living.  Northshore's one-of-a-kind businesses are owned and operated by passionate locals who love their community and its residents.

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Bluff View Art District Chattanooga
The city of Chattanooga is known for its historic buildings, gorgeous natural scenery and strong commitment to the arts. It's also a great place for families and anyone who wants to feel a genuine connection with their city of residence. The Bluff View Art District is the perfect place to explore all of the things that make Chattanooga special, and have a ton of fun in the process. There are great restaurants, art galleries, unique shopping experiences and historic venues that have been delighting visitors for generations.

Our REALTORS® in Chattanooga love spending time in the Bluff View Art District, and we're excited to share the scoop on one of our city's best neighborhoods.

Dining, Unwinding & Culture in the Bluff View Art District

The Bluff View Art District got its start in the early 1990s, and has been growing ever since. Many of the businesses that shaped those early days are still pillars of the community today include the River Gallery and the beloved Bluff View Inn. Today, the district is home to a vast collection of local businesses and art spaces, along with a busy schedule of special events for the community. There are lovely Chattanooga homes for sale throughout the downtown area as well.

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