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Fire Prevention Chattanooga

Far too many homeowners think it's a problem they will never face, yet more than 350,000 home fires occur every year. National Fire Prevention Week is observed this year from October 4-10th and serves as a reminder for all the ways you can prevent a fire in your home. House fires claim an average of 2,500 deaths and more than 11,000 injuries. Your home is more than a financial investment; it's an investment in your family's safety, and our real estate agents recommend checking the following during National Fire Prevention Week. 

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Spring Maintenance Checklist

Springtime in Chattanooga is almost here! That means that it's time to make your way through your annual home maintenance checklist.

Our REALTORS® at Fletcher Bright Realty understand that spring cleaning can be quite the task, especially when you have so many other daily or weekly responsibilities to juggle. To help you complete your chores and keep your home looking and functioning well, we've created this handy checklist that will keep you on task and on target for a clean spring!

Most homeowners like to knock off a few easy projects inside before moving to the exterior. Here is a list of 20 home maintenance tasks that you can complete inside the home:

  1. Go through your cleaning products and verify they're still good to use.
  2. Dust fan blades in each room.
  3. Replace light bulbs that have burnt out.
  4. Clean cabinet tops in the kitchen, dining room and office.
  5. Service your HVAC unit so that you can confirm all components are working properly.

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2019 New Year's Resolutions for Your Home
In the spirit of New Years, we have gathered together some resolutions to make your home more inviting, beautiful, and efficient in the upcoming year. If you're searching for Chattanooga homes for sale over the holidays, and you're looking to sell your current home, keep these ideas in mind.

Here are our top tips for home improvement resolutions for 2019 and how to accomplish them:

  1. Clear the clutter
    Every year we all acquire stuff that collects around the home. Resolve to do some regular purging of closets, cabinets, and drawers. You don't need to do this all in January; you can take it one day at a time, month-by-month.

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8 Tips to Protect Your Home from Theft During the Holidays
 are glad to see the holiday season return to the Chattanooga area. Our city hosts some truly unforgettable holiday events, from the Chattanooga Holiday Market at the Chattanooga Convention Center, to the Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker at the Tivoli Theatre.

But if you're like a lot of Chattanooga residents, there's a good chance you'll be heading out of town to visit friends and family elsewhere. If that's the case, now is a good time for a refresher course on keeping your home secure while you're gone. 

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