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Chattanooga Sculpture Fields Montague Park

Our real estate agents don't just work in Chattanooga, they also love living and enjoying all of our great attractions.  One such attraction is the family-friendly Sculpture Fields at Montague Park. Located on the south side of Chattanooga, the multi-acre park attracts visitors from near and far while presenting the enrichment of an art museum in a tranquil, open-air setting.

Chattanooga Home to Over 35 Sculptures from World-Renowned Artists

At the Sculpture Fields, you'll find an impressive collection of large-scale sculptures placed throughout this 33-acre park. The work of artists from all over the world is celebrated here in a wide array of subject matters for the public to appreciate and enjoy. Among the must-see art is one the newest installations, The Least Amount of Space, an almost 7-foot tall piece crafted by artist Jason Kimes. Each piece is a unique and expressive display worthy of contemplation and admiration.

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Local Chattanooga Dining at Its Best

Feed Co. Table & Tavern Lunch

You just can't talk about Chattanooga without mentioning our restaurants. When you are touring homes, you're going to work up and appetite so make sure to stop at one of our local eateries to satisfy your hunger. A great place to start is The FEED Co. Table & Tavern located at 201 West Main Street in our Southside neighborhood.

The Southside neighborhood--once the hub of industry in Chattanooga-- became known for its abandoned warehouses and buildings during the mid-20th century. After undergoing a revitalization, the Southside now defines Chattanooga as the center of art, entertainment, and cuisine—making this neighborhood an ideal home for The FEED Co. Table & Tavern.

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Southside's Revitalization Tells a New Story

The Southside District Chattanooga

As you walk through the streets of our downtown, most native Chattanoogans can tell you stories about the city and its many neighborhoods.  From the Bluff View Art District to Northshore and City Center, each has its own Cinderella story.  Chattanooga's Southside District is no different. 

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