Checklist for Moving in the Chattanooga Area

Two Months Before You Move

  • Make arrangements with a professional moving company or, if moving yourself, contact a rental company.
  • Visually prepare or design a floor plan for your furniture in your new home.
  • Keep all of your paperwork concerning the move in one file, so nothing is lost or misplaced.
  • Transfer all school records for your children. If time permits, prepare your new home for arrival. (New paint, new locks, etc.)

One Month Before You Move

  • Change your address.
  • Change your address with the IRS.
  • Make any travel arrangements where you would need an airline, train, hotel, bus or car rental.
  • Research the area in which you will be moving for clubs, civic organizations and churches, so that you can change your membership.
  • Contact medical and dental offices to receive records, asking them for referrals and continuing prescriptions.
  • Establish a new checking account and arrange for credit references.
  • Research local laws about home-based businesses and business licenses if you own or operate your own business.
  • Make an inventory list of all your belongings.
  • Arrange for your pets to be transported. Use/finish household items so that there is less to pack and move.

Two Weeks Before You Move

  • Forward your mail, magazines and newspapers to your new address.
  • Contact all of your utilities and change your service to your new address. Get refunds on any deposits made.
  • Organize those helping you on the day of the move.
  • Be Sure to confirm all travel reservations.
  • If moving appliances, you may want to make sure they are inspected before the move.
  • Pack all clean clothing.
  • Close your bank accounts, making sure you have ample cash for the move. The remainder of the funds should be transferred to your new bank.
  • Prepare for the move of any infants or small children.
  • Review your insurance policy for coverage during your move.
  • Provide relatives with your travel information including the route and any overnight stops.
  • Defrost your freezer and clean refrigerator.

Moving Day

  • Do a final walk through of the home to make sure all of your belongings have been removed. Double check closets, drawers and shelves to make sure they are empty.
  • Be sure to take control of all personal items such as jewelry and important documents that are valuable or important to you during the move.
  • Carry enough cash or travelers checks to cover the cost of moving services and expenses until you make banking connections in your new city.